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2013 AW119 Ke Koala

Model: AW119 Ke
Year: 2013
TSN: 940 Hours Total Time
Location: Sydney, Australia


Basic AW119Ke with Passenger Cabin Sliding Doors, Equipped with Pratt and Whitney PT6-B37A Engine

Standard Additional Equipment
Cabin Fire extinguisher
Crew Open Door Actuators
First Aid Kit
Pilot/copilot shoulder harness with inertial reel
Quick disconnecting Chip Detectors
Baggage Compartment Light
Tail Boom Strake
Fuel Drain Electrical Valves
Radio Master Switch

VFR Avionics Package
VHF/UHF - COM Technisonic TFM 550 (Comm#1)
VHF - COM/GPS Garmin 430 GPS (Comm #2/VOR)
ICS Pilot Audio Panel
Gyrocompass Honeywell C14A
Pilot navigation instruments including the following instruments or equivalent:
Transponder KT 70 Mode (S)

Additional Installed Avionic Equipment
AFCS 3 Axis Duplex (Honeywell SP711)
AC system (2 inverters)

Additional Utility Equipment
Rotor brake
Pilot and copilot reinforced windshield
Pilot and copilot windshield wipers
Baggage compartment extension (2.1 m)
Heater Bleed Air
Utility finishing cabin walls
Vibration Dampers Installation
Pilot side lifting bubble window
Cargo Hook System
DZM Flightcell

Air intake/exhaust covers
Pitot tubes covers
Ground tools kit including:
Tie-down fitting provisions
Tow bar
Ground handling wheels
Flight Manual and Technical Publications


The AW119Ke KOALA is a single-engine turbine helicopter, with skid type landing gear and eight seats. It is able to carry in full comfort 1 pilot and 7 passengers at a fast 140 knots cruise speed and is designed as a comfortable passenger and cargo transport helicopter suitable to perform any kind of aerial work.

The stylish and spacious helicopter fuselage offers a quiet and comfortable cabin interior enhanced by the large panoramic windows for passengers and by ample windows in the cockpit for excellent visibility by the pilot. The helicopter has two large class leading baggage areas, one accessible from inside the cabin.

The spacious cabin interior (the largest in its class) with ample lateral sliding doors, the cabin floor at step-height from ground and wide baggage compartments in the cabin and in the rear fuselage enhance the helicopter operational flexibility: in few minutes it is possible to convert the cabin interior from corporate passenger configuration to medical service, to cargo carrying and with either single or dual pilot day and night VFR capability.

The fully articulated main rotor with elastomeric bearings, 4 grips and blades in composite material is designed to provide excellent flight characteristic, low vibration, and smooth flight in turbulence, and passenger comfort.

The AW119Ke is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37 turbo-shaft engine with an Electronic Engine Control Unit delivering 1002 SHP at take-off with the main transmission rated at 900 SHP. Such power levels grant to the helicopter excellent performances and maximum reliability both in high altitude and in hot environment.

The inherent reliability of the P&W PT6-37 engine coupled with the safety of duel hydraulic, fuel and electrical systems, 3-Axis stabilization system, strong cocoon-type fuselage and the sturdiness of the rotating components, grant superior safety to the occupants.

Furthermore the AW119Ke is characterised by sophisticated technologies, high productivity and flying qualities, sturdiness and high inherent safety typical of superior class helicopters. In fact the AW119Ke has been derived from the well-known Agusta AW109 helicopter family that operates in demanding civil and military applications world-wide.

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“I wish to express how impressed I have been with the recent conduct of your engineering staff.
I have been extremely impressed by their attitude, communication, politeness and professionalism. Their respect for our operation, clientele and hanger have been noteworthy. I have spent many years in a trade environment and would place their work ethic among the best I have seen.

- Joel Stewart, Base Manager - Central West Helicopter School

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